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Our Strategic Web Optimization™ Process

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Step 8 – 2. An Annotated Pubs List & CD Specifies pdf Download Samples


i. This Change Package [CP] goes with and annotated “Publications List for Joey”

1. This is an annotation of the Strategic Reports Pubs List
2. It specifies the source of all downloads for samples
a. File cross references to the CD appear in “Pubs List for Joey”
3. The Top left Image on each page is marked “T” in the Pubs List for Joey.
4. The left Image links and Links List on each page appear in this sequence
which is reverse chronology. [Unless specified by choosing a document less
old than the most recent as the top image.]

ii. Links for projects and interim work product deliverables to be downloaded.

1. Files for downloads are available from one of four places
a. The file currently exists on the site and is linked from a “Sample Page”
Page 4 of 45
b. The file is on the CD titled “For Joey dated 3-17-09’
i. Most NEW files are pdfs, some are Word
c. The file is not on the site and not on the CD but exist as a link in the
i. In this case please download the file and make the pdf
ii. So even though the file can be linked through to a live Web
site it should also be accessible from a To view a pdf file of this
report please click here link on the Strategic Reports site
d. In the case of home page images used as Image Links on the Web
Design and Campaigns Services pages, the file is the home page of
the Website
e. Since Websites change over time I would want all home pages for the
sites [i.e. PalmCall etc] to be permanent PDF files for use as the Page
Image or Image Link
iii. You can Identify the CD files by the first few letters of their file name
iv. Abbreviated File Names on the CD
1. When referenced in this CP, Abbreviated File Names on the CD are in red



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