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Our Strategic Web Optimization™ Process

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Step 8 – 19. Technical Editing Home


a. URL = See table at end of spec
b. Copy on Right

Page Headline = Technical Editing and Technical Writing Services

First Paragraph = Whether you need technical editing services, professional writing
services, technical writing services or non-technical copywriting or proofreading services
we have the technical editors, technical writers, proofreaders and copywriters to help you
create impactful and compelling material. As a matter of fact if you need words and
pictures to go with the words to inform, describe or persuade, we can most likely do the
job for you - OR find you someone who can. Regardless of the media you choose we
have the people to deliver your job on time to your target audience.

Second paragraph = We use a method of project engagement called ICE™ [Intelligent
Customer Engagement™], which although rigorous and specific in defining deliverables
up-front, can save time and disappointment in the long run. If you have a technical topic
that we cannot accommodate, we will be the first to let you know and help you find
subject matter experts in the field.

Third paragraph = Not only do we provide you with a formal creative brief for each
project but we stick to budget and schedule in executing our projects. Very often the
product managers write us about our insightful suggestions to draft material they have
written us for editing as was the case with the sample project seen to the left.

Fourth paragraph = Call or email us at the contact information provided on this page for
a free consultation and quotation or click to see our full Publications List at the bottom
right link on this page.

c. Graphic on Right under Copy
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e. Left Column Caption
i. Line 1 = Technical Editing Sample
ii. Line 2 = Click Here to Download
f. Left Column Top Image
i. This is a pdf of the first page of the CD file titled “TechnicalEditing-WhitePaper etc’
g. Left Column Links List
i. There is only one item titled “SOSS White Paper”
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