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Our Strategic Web Optimization™ Process

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Step 8 – 18. Sales Tools / Sales Training Home


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Page Headline = Sales Tools and Sales Training Services

First Paragraph = Invest in a World-class Sales “Tool Bag” -

Any sales force worth its salt creates ongoing demand for world-class sales training, sales management training, sales training seminars, sales training consulting, and an almost never-ending supply of effective, attention getting and persuasive sales tools.

Second Paragraph = Choosing the most Effective Sales Tools –

Our innovative sales tools run the gamut from competitive product comparisons, [link to J7 in the Pubs List] competitive knockoff sheets, to scripted tradeshow posters [link to J1 in the Pubs List] with our custom-designed “One-Picture-Says-It-All” graphics and strategically worded elevator pitches, [link to CD #2 IBM Elevator Pitch] and our customizable PowerPoint presentations [link to J6 in the Pubs List] with professional scripting and liberal notes pages. Of course we provide solutions guides, product guides, white papers, best practices guides, brochures and data sheets as you can easily reference on the NavBar buttons at the top of this page. [The last four links go to the respective services home pages]

Third Paragraph = Your Sales Tools Need Consistent Messaging -

Our Strategic Website Optimization [This links to the same paper as 2b.] paper describes our process helps you make sure that not only do you have a compelling product/service story to tell, BUT ALSO that fits seamlessly with all other sales tools and sales training so there is ONE MESSAGE whether it’s online or in a personal sales visit. Your winning story needs to be told in the same way across all media AND in all support sales tools and Sales Training. It’s called Integrated Marketing Communications – a PR discipline in which we are true believers.

Fourth Paragraph = Make sure your “demand gen” campaigns are integrated with
your tool bag –

Being Web-centric thinkers, we believe that the best sales tool today is
a solid organic SEO [link to Campaigns home] strategy to intelligently generate and
retain customers in a process known as “demand generation” [often abbreviated
“demand gen”]. Our paper on 8 Steps to Optimizing Integrated Campaign Marketing [this
links to the ICM paper” stresses the importance of effectively designed Websites [this
blue link is an intra-site link to the “WebDesign.html” home page] and online and offline
campaigns [this blue link is an intra-site link to the “Campaigns.html” home page] that
are complemented with an Integrated marketing communications message.

Fifth Paragraph = Our optimized tool bag insures effective Marketing Automation -

As we like to repeat for emphasis, effective “demand gen” programs can’t be effective
unless the leads generated [whether from offline or online sources] GET DIRECTLY TO
FIELD SALES. New customer “sales leads” are the life blood of a company and much be
not only followed up in a timely fashion, but also enforced with sales “follow up” and
management oversight. These are typically jobs of marketing automation IT systems
which are not always integrated with overall campaign strategies. Wikipedia defines
Marketing Automation as the effective use of Information Technology solutions to
automate marketing processes [Link to the Eight Steps paper] such as Marketing
Planning and Budgeting, Marketing Resource Management, Campaign Management,
Interaction Management, Lead Management, Analytics and reporting, and other
functional and vertical aspects of marketing functionality.This means that your CRM
systems, and mobile productivity tools need to be world-class also. We can help small
and medium businesses IT-aligned their marketing automation systems which is usually not done until a company becomes much larger. Planning while small can accelerate revenue, maintain smooth sales department growth and avoid IT headaches as a company grows.

To learn more about marketing automation please click here.
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