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Our Strategic Web Optimization™ Process

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Step 8 – 14. Software Guides Home


a. URL = See table at end of spec
b. Copy on Right

Page Headline and lead copy = Software Guide Writing Service

Whether you’re looking to create a solution guide or solutions manual, or software
manual for one of the many types of business software8, we are marketing consultants
and expert copy writers who can help you find new customers by utilizing Software
Guide pre-sales marketing strategies. Whether the Guide talks to technical buyers, nontechnical buyers or users, we consider Software Guides to be an important lead
generation and sales acceleration tactic to keep your sales pipeline full. We use a standardized customer acquisition and retention process we call Intelligent Customer
Engagement™ or simply - ICE™.

First Paragraph and Subhead = Our Workflow Process –

Whether the ultimate media for your Solutions Guide is online or printed, we use a defined Workflow Process for Solutions Guide Creation [This links to a pdf file of the same name on CD #1] that first develops the One-Picture-Says-It-All graphic [which is also the Cover and Title Page of the Guide] and the vocabulary [which is also the “Glossary”] to be used after our strategic and market research into your topic. Similar to the SWO™ process we use for Web Design [links to Web Design home] and Campaigns [links to Campaigns home] we use a Creative Brief Template [links to file of the same name on CD #1] after asking the client to do some brief homework and complete our 7 Key Questions [links to file of the same name on CD #1] template. This makes sure we are on the same page strategically and provides an opportunity for strategic planning discussions if appropriate.

Being Web centric in our thinking we describe ICE™ in a white paper that describes our
Strategic Web Optimization™ Process - [links to the SWO benefits paper = “Strategic
Website Optimization (The benefits of)…” file name on CD #1] and in another paper -
SEO Optimization Services with a Strategic Twist [links to Eight Steps to Optimize file on
CD #1] that is the first written Best Practices Guide [this links to the best practices home
page of this site or ] on the topic of
Integrated Campaign Marketing [ICM] that we know of.

Second Paragraph and Subhead = Software Solutions Guide Example -

Whether your product or service has a long sales cycle or a short sales cycle, a “Software Solutions Guide” [SSG] marketing strategy can not only help you develop leads [“demand gen”] but can also help establish your company as the “thought leader” in your market segment. For example the 94-page ECM, BPM and Compliance [Insert link to the “IBM Solutions Guide” file on CD #1 Here] Software Solutions Guide to your left, enabled the IBM / FileNet sales and marketing team to describe why their P8 software platform better integrates the APIs for content, process and compliance management software than Oracle, EMC, HP or Microsoft. This integration in turn allows more synergistic business benefits and thus better ROI. Of course we peppered the Guide with customer ROI successes so as to “make the case” for deployment [purchase] of the IBM software more compelling.

Third Paragraph and Subhead = Informational “Software Guides” can be Used as
“Content Offers” -

By using an informational tone in your Software Guide, and discussing a current hot topic in your field can be an excellent way to point our your competitive advantages and turn your Software Guide into a content offer. This links to the content offer page on this site which is

Fourth Paragraph and Subhead = “Our Complete Marketing Services Package” -

Whether you’re writing a technical Software Guide for promotion on,
utilizing a demand creation firm like MaconRaine [links to ] or
using wordpress themes, joomla templates, or mambo lead generation services to
engage and retain new customers, we can help you fit your Software Guide marketing
strategy into your total marketing systems in areas in which these specialty firms may
lack expertise. Although MaconRaine’s “sweet spot” is defined as: “high-tempo, iterative,
high-touch and agile demand creation campaigns that use email newsletters, killer
offers, PR, direct mail, social media, community and direct prospect contact with phone,
email and voice mail — managed, monitored and measured with your existing CRM and
marketing automation systems” we can provide a complete package of integrated
marketing processes [Link to the Eight Steps paper]. From marketing consulting and
strategic planning, through competitive research, customer market research, public
relations integrated communications, online or offline marketing copywriting, graphic
design, and interactive design and IT systems Integration, we have a complete
perspective you may not get elsewhere.

Fifth Paragraph and Subhead = We’re Good at IT Systems Integration –

Do our competitors know anything about Software and IT Systems Integration? Although other firms talk about helping you with integrating marketing automation with your CRM IT platforms, we’ve actually written exhaustive papers on IT software integration, One such paper is the Software Solutions Guide example to your left that we discussed earlier. It is a 94 page ECM, BPM and Compliance [Insert link to the “IBM Solutions Guide” file on CD #! Here] Software Solutions Guide we did for the IBM / FileNet P8 software platform and the project involved a One-Picture-Says-It-All Poster that was scripted with the company elevator pitch and used at the FileNet User Group meeting. By the way, if you haven’t deployed any of these advanced technologies yet, we consider the IBM P8 platform to be state of the art because it has better integrated API for its content, process and compliance management programs than Oracle, EMC, HP or Microsoft.
Sixth Paragraph and Subhead = A ‘Software Guide Coaching” Service for “Do-It-
Yourselfers” - For marketers desiring to learn from us and drive our processes inhouse,
we offer a "Software Guide Coaching” Service that is designed for the “do-ityourselfer”
and uses the clear documents, templates, processes and samples on our
Website. When you compare us to our competitors, you may find yourself preferring our
“all cards on the table” approach with the plethora of written marketing processes [Link to the Eight Steps paper] and clear examples of deliverables for each step of the Web
Design [links to web design home page] or Campaign [links to campaigns home page]
development processes.

Seventh Paragraph and Subhead = Let Us Give You a Software Solutions Guide
Proposal -

Although there are a number of Software Guide specialty firms that offer
Software Guide Writing Services, these companies tend not to offer as wide an
assortment of integrated marketing services and formal marketing processes [Link to the Eight Steps paper] that we do. To learn more about the other marketing services [link to Services home] we provide please click on: Web Designs, [e.g. this is the first drown
down menu link to the Web Design Home page, Campaigns [this links to the Campaigns Home page] Whitepapers [this links to the whitepaper Home page], Best Practices Guides [links to etc], Product Architecture, Guides, Networking Solutions Guides, Business Plans, Sales Tools, Technical Editing.

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