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Our Strategic Web Optimization™ Process

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Step 8 – 10. Campaigns Home


a. URL = See table at end of spec
b. Copy on Right Achieving competitive advantage through ICM, SEO, PPC, but with a strategic
marketing twist.
Page Headline = SEO Optimization Services with a Strategic Twist [A white Paper]
Executive Summary – This paper is one of two White Papers that discuss our Strategic
Website Optimization™ [SWO™] process [Steps 1-8 in our graphic [links to blow up of
the new Graphic], our Integrated Campaign Marketing Optimization™ [ICMO™] process
[Steps 9-16], and the “Web Analytic” tools we install on your site to “fine tune’ your Web
Design and organic SEO campaigns [Steps 17 and 18]. We consider good Web Design
a prerequisite for high ROI Campaigns and recommend you align [tune-up] your Web
Design prior to launching any Campaign. In this paper we discuss the underlying
importance of a solid SEO program which can eventually lead you to competitive
advantage when your product or service rises to the first organic SERP or at least to the
Top Ten on Google’s first SERP.

This is the second white paper in our series. It discusses Steps 9-18 with an emphasis
on our ICM Optimization™ process. We refer the reader to the companion paper in this
series for a discussion of the 18 steps in our integrated Strategic Website Optimization™
process [Steps 1-8] Web Design Services with a Strategic Twist - A White Paper] [This
links to the Web Design home page] and our SEO Optimization Services discussed in
this white paper] The reader can also learn more about any of the deliverables we
provide as “work product” along the way, by clicking on any link in the graphic above OR
by referring to a written discussion of the 18 steps provided at this link. [This links to the
Web Design home page]
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first paragraph
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The copy flows underneath the graphic as one scrolls down.
First Paragraph = Our Goal is to Work Ourselves Out of a Job - Unlike an old school
ad agency or media service, we don’t bill you as a percent of what you spend, because
there would be a disincentive for up to be efficient since we’d be tempted to not try to
reduce your media spending to zero. Rather, we invoice you at our flat hourly rates for
the mix of interdisciplinary services that you need - with an eye toward working
ourselves out of a job as fast as we can. In this way we can help you get to the
“promised land” of first organic SERP rank [for your targeted high value keywords]
before your competitors.
Second Paragraph = Achieving competitive advantage for your product or service by
using [Integrated Campaign Marketing (ICM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Pay
Per Click Advertising (PPC) [also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or just
“search marketing”], and Web 2.0 social marketing is what we’re all about. But unlike any
other marketing services [link to Services home] vendor, what we do is completely
different - because we add a strategic marketing twist up front to make sure you get to
where you ultimately want to be – free advertising from a first page SERP rank without
any PPC expense. As long as you stay in the “Top Ten” you’ll have a permanent
competitive advantage of a lower “ad/sales ratio.”
Third Paragraph = Getting to the “Promised Land” with SEO Optimization Services
– Also unlike any other marketing services vendor, we start SEO Optimization and
Integrated Campaign Marketing Optimization™ [ICMO] by making sure you’re your
Website design is correct. Although many marketers don’t want to redo something they
have already spent money on, we don’t think you can achieve your ultimate goal of first
organic SERP4 rank [for your strategic keywords] unless you have designed your
campaigns with this in mind. So following steps 1-8 in the above graphic [i.e., our
SWO™ process] will help you get to the “promised land” of first organic SERP rank for
your targeted high value keywords, leaving your competitors having to continue to pay
for search engine advertising, or remain obscure on the Internet. In more simple words –
we help you reach the “promised land” of high organic SERP rank for the high-searchvolume
keywords we help you choose in step #6 [i.e., keyword selection for your
Website copy] and in step #13 [i.e., strategic keyword selection for your Online
Fourth Paragraph = A good SEO Example is the keyword -”SEO” Just imagine that
[like us] you too are a marketing services vendor targeting the keyword -“SEO” and its
1,000,000 searches [on Google alone] per average month. You would quickly find out
that [according to Google’s AdWord Keyword tool], if would cost you about $3.88 PER
4 SERP is an acronym for Search Engine Results Page See also

CLICK to be in the 1-3 position of sponsored links [for a PPC campaign] for the keyword
“SEO”. You would then see that you as an advertiser could spend a lot of money on
PPC ads and never have enough to reach the first organic SERP rank because it would
cost $3,880,000 a month to be on the first page [as a “Sponsored Link5” for just one
month. Although Google would be very happy – you probably wouldn’t. As this example
makes clear, our process takes longer and costs more up front BUT gets you to the
“promised land” of SEO [for your strategic keywords] much faster.
So why not let us take you through our 18-step SWO™ and ICMO™ processes shown in
the Graphic to your right?
Fifth Paragraph = We “Copy Write” Your HTML Tags First – [See Step 9 on the above
graphic] The first copywriting we do for you is to write your HTML tags for each landing
page on your site. This is because the Title Tag becomes the headline for your Organic
SEO listing and the Description Tag becomes the body copy. Don’t worry, writing your
HTML Tags is a lot like writing your Headline and Body Copy for your Google Text Ad
[links to ] which is
another reason we advise our clients to start with a PPC campaign. The only difference
is the Title and Description Tags are free and the Headline and Body Copy cost money.
In other words we go back and make sure your Web Design is a good compliment to
your campaign investment and is in alignment with your ultimate goal of eliminating pay
per click advertising (PPC) expense. Of course we hope that [in the case of a
“makeover’], your Web Design [this links to
is correct so we won’t have to redo your page copy and HTML tags before we write your
online ad copy OR [accordingly] your offline ad copy.
Sixth Paragraph = Our Campaign Optimization Process - The process in the graphic
on this page, defines our Integrated Campaign Marketing Optimization™ [ICMO™] [links
to eight steps paper] process [This links to the 8 Steps paper] which we believe is a
necessary prerequisite of Strategic Website Optimization™ [This links to the SWO
paper]. Just like you can’t get a graduate degree without undergrad prerequisites, we
believe you’re wasting time and money if you don’t have the pre-requisite Strategic
Website Optimization pieces of the puzzle [Steps 1-8 discuss the Web Design] links to
Web Design Home] in place.
Seventh paragraph = Our SEO and PPC Processes Will Help You Get There – Like
Web Design, everybody has a different definition for SEO, since no one really knows
HOW the Yahoo or Google algorithms determine who gets first page SERP rank
organically. From our experience however, we’ve found it’s a mix of five key ingredients.
As you might imagine, we have a presentation titled “Doing SEO the Right Way” that
we’d like to share with you if you click here. [This links to a content offer registration
page] that triggers an email to causing a copy of the report to
be sent with an appropriately worded [non-intrusive] follow-up email to the prospect
thanking them for ordering the download and offering any help they may require going
forward. If you haven’t clicked the link to our paper, here is a preview of five Key Tips we
talk about.
1. Design your site’s navigation [Table Structures For Top Search Engine Positioning
][links to]
2. Write your HTML tags which are the same or similar to your PPC text ads so
that they target your strategic keywords for each landing page.
3. Write your Website page copy and define your internal linking strategy [link to]and your external linking strategy [link to] to use all the keywords in your strategic

keyword basket, while getting the highest quality external [non-reciprocal] links
for each landing page and beating your competitors with more total back-links.
4. For “new sites” or “site makeover,” lead off with an effective PPC campaign to
generate traffic and cause Google crawlers to visit your site frequently6.
5. Supercharge traffic with “high value” back links, and word of mouth marketing.
6. Continue with Web 2.0 [social] marketing [i.e., videos, blogs, “tweets,” ‘twits,”
word of mouth,” and relationship marketing, predictive intelligence
programming, user generated content, user generated media, etc]
Of course we can help you with all this if you contact us. [links to special email page]
Eighth Paragraph and Subhead = A ‘Campaign Optimization Coaching” Service for
“Do-It-Yourselfers” – For e-marketers and campaign managers desiring to learn from
us and drive our processes in-house, we offer a "Campaign Optimization Coaching
Service” that is designed for the “do-it-yourselfer” or budget-constrained marketer. This
service uses the same clear documents, templates, processes on our Website and the
sample deliverables that can be downloaded from the links on the captions in the
graphic above. When you think about it, in today’s Web-centric environment, designing a
campaign and Website is tantamount to writing and implementing a business plan.
Everything has to gel and flow together from strategy to targeting to operations and
finance. In fact, when you look at our front-end Website Service [links to Web Design
home] processes [#1-8]; and our Campaign Optimization Service [links to campaigns
home] processes [ processes [#9-18], these are the same 18-steps we use for our
Business Planning Service [links to Business Planning home]. We do this because we
think that Web Design and Campaign Optimization are a fundamental basis of the
Marketing Plan section of your Business Plan and should be considered from the start.
Ninth Paragraph and subhead = Add an Online Booking Systems and Online
Shopping to Boost eCommerce Sales - Did you know that over 60% of hotel bookings
are now online and it is believed that there is a large opportunity for many markets to
install an online booking system. Likewise, there is a shift to online shopping as Amazon
and others have so visibly proven. So not only are IT integration and eCommerce
important, but eCommerce & SEO [links to] are important
Tenth Paragraph and subhead = Integrate Your Marketing Automation and IT - We
can also help you align your IT systems and business processes in a way that orders
and bookings not only happen online, but also feed your marketing automation systems.
In this way you can achieve cutting-edge Customer Resource Management [CRM] with
[a strategic selection of] plug-ins by meshing your CRM systems with
your Enterprise Content Management [ECM], Business Process Management [BPM] and
Government Regulatory and Compliance [GRC] systems. In fact we’ve written a 94 page
paper for IBM on this topic that you can download by clicking here. [Link this to the IBM
paper which is F-1 on the Pubs List and “IBM Solutions…” on the 3-17-09 “For Joey” CD]
c. Left Column Caption
i. Line 1 = Our ICM Optimization™ Process
ii. Line 2 = Click Here to Download
d. Left Column Top Image
i. This is a pdf of the Eight Steps to Optimizing ICM
e. Left Column Links List
i. Same as the Drop Down Menu in #6 above BUT without the Home Page AND without
the Top Image T [which is in the caption line #1]
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i. Same as the Drop Down Menu in #6 above BUT without the Home Page AND without
the Top Image T [which is in the caption line #1]
g. HTML Tags
i. See table below for keywords and title tag copy
ii. We are not putting in description tags, just title tags and Keyword tags


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