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Our Strategic Web Optimization™ Process

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Step 5a - Sample Competitive Service Offerings and Competitive Positioning based on Web Site Review

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Competitor Eng. & Design Progrm Mgmt Proto / NPI MFG IT/ SCM / ERP Machining &Welding Sheet Metal, Welding, Vacuum Logistics ODM Location
Bentek                   #17 in SV Pvt. growth
alpha-circuits Design, Mfg, test Many Many Circuits emphasis Many         TX
Appliedesign gineering   Yes   Turnkey
  Yes       SV
Cdsgroup Many Yes   Turnkey
  Large Envelope Yes     SV, TX, UK
Cne       Under Construction         Yes Hong Kong
Gavial       Links don’t work           SV
Intandem-inc Yes     EM assembly           SV
Luceromfg       Mainly cables and EM assy.           SV
Owensdesign Emphasis is Design &MFG integrations   Yes ATE, Wafers, CDs           SV
They list customers
Paramit MFG and test Yes               SV
Raveprecision           Main Biz       SV
$48M = #69
Test Yes Yes Circuit boards and EM assy. ERP     Emphasis   San Diego
$400M = #24
Yes Yes Yes Mil. Semi Cap, Med. Indust Yes         Phoenix + 9
Industry focused home pg
Wolfe eng Defines svcs by technolgy       Heavy Semi Cap, + Pharma +Bio           #18 in SV Pvt. growth
siegereng     5K sq ft 35K sq ft     emphais
70K sq ft
    SF + Sacto
devmetal             Metal shop     Burlingame

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